An uneventful week of events.

I haven’t blogged for over a week. I’ve had a rough one. First I hit my head so hard that it required a trip to hospital. All was fine but I’d whacked one of my cranial nerves which was giving me huge pain through my right side of my face and jaw. It was a bit scary but I am fine, though a week later I still have a lump.

Then I got the worst gastro bug I’ve ever had in my life. I’ll spare you detail but it was epic.

Plus I have had two migraines in the last week or so.

But life goes on. With kids, you have no choice.

We’ve been up to our usual routines; walks in the pram, trips to the parks, a visit to ride the “horseys” (the carousel in town), another playdate with Summer and Tassie, kindergym, sliding, making messes and having fun. Mothers Day came and went. Briar presented me with a gift, stood beside me and unwrapped it, proclaimed it was “Bi-ars” and took it away again.

I started to begin re-introducing dairy to my diet. Gabe reacted within hours. So he definitely needs me to stay dairy-free.

Today I don’t feel well. I am tired. This morning my head was spinning so I went for a lie down and asked Warwick to be available to answer the door for a woman who was coming to buy baby clothes. She knocked on the door right on schedule at 9.30am. But Warwick was nowhere to be seen.

The dogs barked, I called out to Warwick, and the door went ignored. I got up and was so embarrassed to answer the door in my non-matching pajamas with no bra on and unbrushed hair. I apologised profusely to the poor lady.

After she left, I rang Warwick raging. “Where are you? I asked you to do just one thing this morning!”

“Oh sorry,” he replies casually. “We’re just at the bottom of the driveway patting a dog.”

Ugh. Men. I love Gabriel’s laid back nature and appreciate he inherited it from his daddy, but sometimes I could strangle that man!

It is now afternoon rest time, so Briar and I are having some settling down quiet play. In true Briar style, it’s not so quiet. We’re making animals out of pipecleaners. She requested a butterfly. That I could do.

Next she requested a cow!! A cow of all things, how am I supposed to make a bloody cow? I got as far as attaching legs to a round body and she lost interest, much to my relief. When she returned, she declared my cow to be a jellyfish. Hey, I’ll take that.

I’m hoping that despite the fact Briar is singing to herself a song with the lyrics “wake up, wake up, wake up” and Gabe is gazing at the ceiling whilst I stand here swaying and rocking him, soon my two little ones will shut their eyes and sleep. I have a whole lot of pipe cleaners to pick up.

Here’s a picture from a nap earlier this week to inspire them.

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