Mainly Muddy Puddles.

On the mornings following Warwick’s night shifts (during which he gets to sleep!) he arrives home at about 7.15am and has breakfast with Briar whilst I generally have a rest after a night on my own with the kiddos. This morning I couldn’t snooze because Briar seemed to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and was having some meltdowns from the moment she woke up. It was clear some parental tag-teaming was needed. Thankfully this morning Mainly Music was back after the Easter break.

Briar was fairly quickly persuaded to cheer up by suggesting we went to her cupboard to pick out a dress and some bows. Furthermore, being a rainy day meant it was definitely a good day for gumboots and to try out her new rain jacket I picked up at the op shop last week. What fun!

As usual, we had a great time singing and dancing. Now that we’ve been attending Mainly Music for a term, Briar is becoming a bit more bold and was in a silly mood today. She enjoyed the dancing and added a few of her own wiggles to it all, running across the room squeeling in between doing the actions.

The Mothers Day craft activity was making flower pots out of patty pans and paper cups. This was right up Briars alley as there was sticky glue, fuzzy pipe cleaners and sparkly gems to decorate with.

However once her flower pot was completed, Briar was quick to run to the door to play on the slide. This proved a problem: whilst Briar had rain play attire, most of the other kids didn’t and it wasn’t fair for me to take Briar into the wet play area knowing that most of the other children couldn’t join us.

I love the hall where Mainly Music is held, surrounded by beautiful bushland. The day Pop came along, he and Briar wandered through the trees picking gum nuts and leaves to identify the species.

Today I was keen to get Briar outside but didn’t want to play immediately outside the hall in view of the other kids who were still doing craft and playing inside. Instead we headed for a walk to find some muddy puddles.

Briar needed a bit of convincing that her boots were meant to get wet and dirty but it didn’t take too long before those rainbow gumboots were covered in wet brown mud!

We wandered around the property and Briar found a great deal of joy walking through the long wet grass. We also had some fun standing underneath a wet shrub and shaking the leaves to sprinkle the water on top of us.

After a good romp around, lots of running and jumping and splashing, Briar was ready to go back inside and play with the duplo.

I think this is the first time we’ve had a good play in the rain, particularly out in bushland. Briar has a real fear of thunder so often rainy weather isn’t a source of joy but a time of stress. I’m really hopeful that if we can continue to have some fun in the wet weather, the storm phobia might lessen.

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