Nappy Cakes for Cuddle Cots

When I told Warwick I was making and donating two nappy cakes to a Cuddle Cot fundraiser, he had never heard of a Cuddle Cot. We were driving and Gabe was crying so I flippantly said “It’s like a refrigerated bed so mums can keep their babies with them after they’ve passed away.”

Warwick looked shocked, envisioning people having a Cuddle Cot in their home. I had to back pedal and explain properly.

Cuddle Cots are a tragic neccesity that should be in every maternity ward. They are designed to give families a few extra hours, or perhaps an additional day or two, to process the grief of a stillbirth or a baby who has passed away.

“Imagine having a baby but leaving the hospital with empty arms,” I explained to Warwick. “Parents need to hold their babies and take the time to cuddle them and grieve.”

Warwick went a bit quiet then. I don’t suppose he had put much thought into the situation of stillbirth and infant loss, and as a parent the pain would be unbearable.

Today is our eight wedding anniversary and we are so lucky to have two healthy, happy children. Losing one of our kids would be the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to us.

To read about and see what a Cuddle Cot looks like, here is a link to an article about the Cuddle Cot donated to the Queanbeyan Maternity Ward where both our babies were born:

Having dear friends who have lost babies either at birth or soon after, I’ve witnessed the devastation however unless you’ve been through it, you just can’t fathom the loss. It would be pain that no parent should ever have to bear.

So when a mum in the online mum’s group I’m part of posted about hosting a fundraiser in memory of her daughter Mackenna, I definitely wanted to support her in some way. Not being local, the obvious choice was to donate a prize for the fundraising raffles.

I’ve made a few nappy cakes over the years as gifts for new arrivals so I decided to create a very pink, girly nappy cake in memory of Mackenna. I then thought it would be fun to create a “furbaby” version as I’m sure there’ll be attendees on the night with furkids rather than (or as well as) the two legged kind.

Nappy cakes are surprisingly easy to make. I use a tall metal toilet paper roll stand as a base which strengthens them, keeps it all together and helps to prevent leans. Even with this, my pink one does have a bit of a lean.

The nappies are rolled and then built into a shape reassembling that of a tiered wedding cake. I hold mine together with elastic bands whilst I’m building the tower and then remove those at the end after I’ve added the ribbon. I also roll up extras like muslin wraps, baby bodysuits and washers to add to the tower. Hidden in the inner layers are absorbant breast pads, a neccessity for many mums. To this tower I also added a room thermometer, some floral bibs, a bonnet, some booties, some curash samples, two rattles, a lovey and some silicone jewellery for mum to wear that is excellent for fiddly older bubs.

The furbaby version is the same concept with training pads used instead of nappies. I added a collar, a puppy kong, a travel bowl, a keyring, a cute hook to hang a lead on, some toys and a big pet bed goes with it.

The courier is collecting the box today and they’re off to Melbourne for the fundraiser this weekend. For anyone in Melbourne who would like to support this worthwhile fundraising event, its called Mackennas Wish and will be held on Saturday 4th May from 6pm. The event will be held at the Pakenham Tennis Centre, 11 Webster Way, Pakenham, Victoria 3810.

The facebook event has more info here:

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