The sky is falling Chicken Little.

Up until recently, I had great plans to adopt some ex-battery hens and give them a new life. We even went so far as to get a second hand swingset frame to convert into a night time chook pen. However, the plan came unstuck when Mema told me that chooks are smellier than I had anticipated.

My plan had been to set them up in an area of our yard that is fairly unused. The problem being, this area is directly outside the windows of the kids rooms. So whilst I was thinking of a lovely view of cute chooks when my children looked out, it seemed like the reality would be a very strong odour!

So the plan to adopt chooks was postponed and won’t happen on our current suburban block.

Whilst we were in Adelaide for Gran/GG’s funeral, Briar was thrilled to visit Aunty Jan’s chooks at Hahndorf. She truly is her mothers daughter, delighting in feeding grains to the hens.

I would love to raise my children on a bush property, and the dream is that may one day become reality, but for now we just make the most of any and every opportunity we have to experience rural living.

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