A good day for Gran’s goodbye.

As I waited for my morning coffee, this sign was in front of me.

How do you define a good day? A fun day? A happy day? A meaningful day?

Today won’t be fun. For the most part it won’t be happy, although there will be moments of laughter and memories shared. But it will absolutely be meaningful. Today we farewell Warwicks beloved Gran, our childrens GG.

I have no doubt it will be a good day in the context of a day spent with family, a day spent reminiscing, a day of reflection on the life of a grand woman who had a huge impact on the lives of those who knew her.

Warwick had a sleepless night last night so when Briar was awake at 6am this morning, I felt it was important to get the little ones up and out of the way so he could rest. Warwick is to be a pallbearer and the funeral will be emotionally taxing enough without also dealing with exhaustion.

We are staying in a beautiful house beside a winery property in Hahndorf. Briar is impressed by the fact it has three swings! Two are large chair swings and one is a tyre swing hanging from a tree. So at 6.30am this morning, I added an extra layer to my children’s clothing and we headed outside to swing. Sitting beside my two precious children, breathing the fresh South Australian air and watching the birds was a refreshing start to the day.

By 7.30am, we were chasing bubbles, a much healthier way to begin the day then Briars preferred early morning activity of watching YouTube!

After breakfast, I asked Warwicks dad to drop us into town for a play in the park. I knew that funeral preparation would be weighing heavily on the hearts of Warwick and his mum and sister, so getting my hyperactive toddler out of the way seemed favourable. Much to Briar’s total delight, her beloved Pa didn’t just drop us off, but stayed to play.

Briar just relishes the relationships she’s formed with her four grandparents, and both Pa and Pop indulge her with many visits to slides.

Also high on the agenda for this morning was some swinging, with Pa faithfully pushing her “higher higher”!

After a stroll through Hahndorf main street to find some coffee, we headed to a second park where Briar and Pa “rode the horsey”. I’m not actually quite sure the intended purpose of this piece of play equiptment but to Briar it was definitely a horse.

Our morning was lighthearted, a contrast to the afternoon to come. However I can only hope that Briar will continue to make wonderful memories that she can treasure one day as she looks back on times spent with grandparents who love her so dearly.

As we say goodbye to Warwicks Gran this afternoon, the deep grief comes from letting go of the life of a Gran who loved her family so dearly. I am reminded of the saying “How lucky I am to have had something so special that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

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