Finding the blessings amidst the bad.

Today had the oppurtunity to be a bad day. I like to think of myself as an optimist, and we often joke how I look at situations optimistically whilst Warwick is more of a pessimist. He certainly is no negative-nancy, but when a complicated situation arises, we balance each other. Often he’ll point out difficulties I wouldn’t have expected, and I’ll frequently reassure him everything is going to be okay.

Tonight, I was amazed time and time again how for every sucky situation, something good or an act of kindness followed.

We got news today that Warwick’s beloved Grans funeral would be held Monday and started making plans to travel to Adelaide to celebrate the life of this special woman.

Unfortunately the funeral will be held at the exact time I had an important doctors appointment booked for Gabriel and Briar. I had been waiting four weeks for this appointment to check their hips. Briar was born with immature hips that required physiotherapy as a baby, so Gabe will need ultrasounds to check his. Furthermore, Briar has been complaining of knee pain lately so we need a follow up scan of her legs and hips. I called the doctors to let them know we needed to reschedule and was told that the next available appointment with the doctor would be June.

The receptionist must have gathered how crestfallen I was. Whilst I didn’t complain, I explained that we had already been waiting weeks and Briar was complaining of pain. Much to my surprise, she told me to come down later that afternoon and despite being booked out, they’d squeeze me in.

I was delighted. It did require me to take both kids on a late afternoon bus ride during the dreaded “witching hour” but I couldn’t turn down this oppurtunity. So we set off, hoping for the best.

On the bus, Briar played peekaboo with a teenage girl who’d caught her eye, and thus behaved beautifully. It can be hard to get Briar to sit still on the bus, but thanks to her newfound friend, she was angelic.

Our doctors are often running late as our GP Obstetricians are on call for the hospital. The general rule is to call before you come in. As we arrived in town, I called the doctor to see if they were ready for us and was told it would be about an hours wait. Again, this had the potential for disaster seeings as it was late afternoon and Briar had skipped her nap today, but within minutes of us getting off the bus, Briar had fallen asleep in her pram!

I had time to grab a coffee, and our wait was actually super relaxing. Briar slept, I drank coffee and Gabe lay in my arms smiling at me.

Our appointment went well. No sign of clicking in Gabriels hips but we have our ultrasound referal to be safe. We woke Briar up and she sleepily lay on the exam table. The doctor couldn’t find any issues with her legs or hips but he gave us a referal for xrays to be on the safe side.

I had anticipated we may miss the last bus home and need to catch a taxi, but our doctors appointment finished with twenty minutes to spare so I even had time to stop at Aldi on my walk to the bus and make the most of their $6.99 kids flannelette pajama sale.

We made it to the bus in time, boarded and sat near a young girl who was chatting to Briar. She was so taken with Briar that she pulled a plush bunny out of her bag and gave it to her as a gift.

Briar was delighted. Gabe was sleeping. I was a happy mum. What could have been a disasterous evening was actually one full of kindness. My glass is full tonight.

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