Easter at Kindergym

Tuesday’s are Kindergym mornings for Warwick and Briar. Usually Warwick has Tuesday mornings off but due to a shift swap, he had to work. However his boss graciously allowed him an hour break to attend the Easter Kindergym celebration, as Warwicks work is only about three minutes drive from the YMCA.

This meant we needed to walk up to Kindergym, which wasn’t so pleasant as it was quite windy. Briar had a bit of trouble keeping her hat on and it had nothing to do with the wind! After she went to bed last night, I dutifully added a lining to the hat to make it a tighter and more secure and comfortable fit. I added a chin strap too, and when doing her hair this morning I created low ponytails to support the wearing of her Easter Bonnet.

However Briar’s inability to keep her hat on had nothing to do with fit either. For those who viewed the videos yesterday, you might have caught me explaining to Bri that she couldn’t eat the plastic lollipops, but today she was sure it was worth a try. “I want to eat the lollies,” she kept saying over and over.

I soon realized the hat was not staying on despite its new fluro pink lining and purple chin strap. So we tossed a set of bunny ears into the pram and headed off to meet Warwick at Kindergym.

Gabriel has had so much vomiting since his rotavirus vaccine yesterday, so once Warwick and Briar commenced their class, Baby Gabe and I ducked across the road to get some strong coffee! I look rather hagged from a sleepless night and Gabe blew a spit-bubble on cue for this photo. We can’t all be as photogenic as Briar.

Last year we enrolled Briar in dance lessons which were an epic fail. Briar is free spirited and wasn’t too keen on following the assigned steps. Furthermore, they had some foam tumbling blocks in the room and for Briar that was just irresistible. The issue was, she led the other kids astray and soon half the class had left the mirror, abandoned the teacher and were sliding and tumbling at the back of the room.

The Inner Dance Mum in my admitted defeat and this year we decided Kindergym and Mainly Music were better investments then dance. We are keen to try Kinderballet in the future, perhaps after Briar’s third birthday.

Briar had a great time swinging on the rings. Kindergym is such a brilliant and fun activity for her to take part in with her beloved daddy, and we’ll definitely continue.

At the end of class, the kiddos got a participation certificate for the term and an Easter Egg. Briar was delighted to choose a purple one.

Tragically, during these moments that our little girl was playing, down in Adelaide her wonderful great-grandmother passed peacefully surrounded by loved ones. This weekend we’ll fly down to South Australia to farewell her and spend some time with Warwick’s family.

Warwick is understandably devestated and stepped outside for some quiet reflection. I was grateful this week we were both there and I could take over gym duties. Our cuddly little Baby Gabe was a good comfort to his dad as he reflected on the loss of a very important person in his life.

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