Vaccinations and Easter bonnets!

There is alot going on today. Some big family stuff, which I won’t blog about at this stage, but there is an underlying heaviness in our hearts today.

It was also the day of Gabriel’s vaccinations and 6-8 week health check. Warwick and Briar ducked into the cafe in the same building as the doctors to get me a coffee, and Briar charmed the staff and scored herself a free lollipop, which she was pretty chuffed about.

We have an absolutely brilliant group of doctors that take care of our family, but they also take care of half of Queanbeyan so we have come to expect a long wait at every appointment. Conveniently, they have just moved to a new location which is beside the gorgeous green, shady Lions park. This means that if we are waiting for long, Briar can be kept amused with some swinging and sliding.

Our visit today took almost two hours all up with waiting time, so we were glad for the parks proximity to the doctor. Warwick snapped this photo of us waiting for our appointment, my children behaving characteristic of their personalities. Gabe is chilled and snoozes against my shoulder, whilst Briar uses my legs as a makeshift slide.

In addition to the nearby playground, Briar is a big fan of the doctors surgery sensory board. Most of her time was spent “calling Pop” on the plastic phone, but she seems to be teaching herself to tell the time as well. She is remarkable how quickly she picks up new things and her self-directed learning through play.

As usual, todays Lady-dress was thanks to Mema. I shy away from whites however Briar has almost grown out of this one, so we are making the most of it before it gets handed on to cousin Clara.

Gabriels vaccinations went as well as can be, it s never easy to see your precious baby caused pain. In true Gabriel-style, he screwed up his face and let out a short cry for each needle, and then was soundly sleeping again thirty seconds later.

All his health checks went well and he opened his beautiful eyes for his examination. Gabe is steadily growing and tracking just below the 85th percentile. He now weighs 5.4kg (birth weight 3.78kg) and measures 58.5cm (50cm at birth).

After lunch in town whilst Briar napped in the pram, we came home to get to work on a very special project. Warwick needed a rest after a sleepless night last night, but Gabe watched the crafting process from his rocker.

Do you ever look into your toddler’s big eyes and wonder what’s going through their mind? Well, I can tell you exactly what my toddler is thinking in this next photo; this is the look of a little girl who is about to throw a container of plastic eggs on her brothers head!

Now this project nearly didn’t happen thanks to a daddy who unestimated the importance of passing on notices to mum! Each Tuesday, Warwick and Briar go to Kindergym. Last week, they were sent home with a notice that this week’s Kindergym was an Easter theme and children were invited to wear an Easter bonnet.

In Warwicks relaxed style, he supposed that Briar could just wear her bunny ears, but evidently he underestimated the importance of this occasion.

Some of my fondest memories of growing up in Alice Springs includes time spent with my godmother Krissy. She was an avid sewer and together we spent many hours doing craft and creating treasures. I’ve been waiting for the day I could bust out my hot glue gun and create some crafting memories with my own children.

Children’s crafts should reflect their personalities. So I stocked up on supplies I knew would delight my little girl. We needed BRIGHT, we needed GLITTERY, we needed PURPLE and of course we needed fluffy chickens and sparkly eggs.

Together Briar and I made a nest filled with chickens and eggs. I can truthfully say it was a joint effort, there’s no way my independent little Babylady would sit back and let mummy do it all. I did maintain control of the hot glue gun but the construction was very much led by Briar.

If there’s one thing Briar is not, it’s a wallflower. My girl is bright, she commands attention and she has no fear of being over the top. Briar’s hat reflected that. We had to use ALL the glittery eggs and every egg needed a chicken on it. We even had to stick Peppa Pig on the front! That darn pig manages to weasel her way into every thing!

Next Briar picked out some baggies of rainbows and lollipops I had bought some time ago for a project they ended up being unsuitable for. Once I’d broken the disapointing news that we couldn’t eat the lollipops, we stuck them on to the hat too!

I was pretty pleased with the finished product but just when I had placed the hat on the shelf to dry, Briar discovered some crochet flowers in the craft supplies: “lellow flowers, lellow flowers” she shrieked with joy.

Since this bonnet was about Briar, not me, who was I to deny her yellow flowers? So I plugged the glue gun back in and Briar pointed to where she wanted the flowers.

Briar basically wanted them EVERYWHERE however just at the moment I was starting to contemplate slowing her down, baby Gabe sneezed and that distracted Briar into climbing down from the table to declare her adoration for him again.

As the afternoon wore on, Baby Gabe spiked a fever and vomited all over us both, so we snuggled into bed to look after our beloved little boy.

As is so often the way, Briar’s over-enthusiam woke up poor Gabe, so I woke Warwick up from his afternoon nap. He’s taken Briar down to the recycling machine to return some bottles so that poor Gabe can get some peace and quiet.

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