Mainly Music… With must-have sliding!

Friday mornings are good mornings because Warwick has the morning off work and we go to Mainly Music as a family. Or as Briar says “Let’s go dancing!”

Warwick and Gabriel don’t get into the dancing as much as Briar but they watch on. Briar literally ran from the car to the door, clutching her money and yelling “Come on. Come on. Let’s go dancing.”

We’ve been very impressed with the friendly and welcoming culture of the group. It can be hard to join a parents group, but this group is so lovely and inclusive so its been a breath of fresh air.

Briar was impressed as the hall has the mandatory equipment needed to pass Briar’s approval process: it has a slide!

The format suits Briar really well. We start with some free play, followed by music and dancing. Today there was bubbles so Briar was in her element. Story time follows, with everyone sitting together on a huge picnic mat and eating morning tea together. Briar just can’t resist a mini table and chair set up, so when daddies hands became free whilst I took Gabriel for a feed, Briar insisted on an impromptu tea party with her beloved daddy. She’s going through a strong daddy-preference phase at the moment, possibly triggered by the strengthened bond they grew whilst I was in hospital. It’s lovely to see and they have so much fun together.

Generally after morning tea is a hands on activity such as a craft. Last week we painted little plastic pots and this week the activity was filling them with soil and planting seeds. This kept Briar’s attention for only a short time as she just can’t resist a slide, and there is a little play area outside the hall. “Let’s go play. Let’s go play!”

Briar was delighted to have Warwick supervising today’s play as that meant that not only could she go on the slide, but there was time for some “swinging around”. Nothing beats play time with daddy!

There’s no question, Friday mornings have become a firm favourite thanks to this lovely group and program.

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