Goodbye my friend… You’ve been replaced by peas.

This week I said farewell to a close companion of mine who has been by my side for 15 years. Together, we’ve shared life living across two states and one territory; QLD, the NT and NSW.

He’s been by my side through several boyfriends and difficult breakups. Through heartbreak and hard times. Through multiple jobs which sucked me dry and burnt me out.

Through friendships made and lost. Through the betrayal and the dark days that followed.

Through the endless hours of youth work. Through the hard decisions and judgement calls that hurt to make.

Through the disillusionment with the church, and the process of leaving and then working through the grief and anger that accompanied that journey.

He was beside me through the founding of my charity and all the hard work. He was there as I rescued over four hundred dogs, countless cats and many other animals in need.

But also through wonderful times and special days. My wedding day. The birth of my children. On hand at many celebrations.

But now it is time to say goodbye. And this farewell could be forever, as it may be for the best.

You may ask, what would cause me to abandon this love of mine? Who would I choose over such a loyal companion? I’m choosing him: Gabriel. I must put him first.

This week I said goodbye to iced coffee. My baby boy is definitely reacting poorly to dairy. I caved on one day and had a small amount, and as if on cue, just four hours later Gabriel was crying in pain in a way I have never heard him cry before. That night was sleepless and torturous for my poor little angel.

And so, my beloved Ice Breaks have been replaced by milks made of peas, beans and nuts. It’s bloody awful.

Tonight, once Briar and Gabriel were both soundly sleeping, with great anticipation I went to the fridge to taste the iced coffee I brewed earlier. I had been chilling it in the fridge for the moment my kiddos were sleeping and I could relax and enjoy it.

I used good quality coffee, raw sugar and “Not Milk”: a milk made of peas and claiming to be just as delicious as cows milk!

I savored the taste. It immediately brought me back to memories of growing up in the NT and camping at Hamilton Downs. Isn’t it remarkable how a taste can bring such strong memories? It’s like travelling through time. I could picture the place so clearly.

Here’s a few old photos for your amusement:

We didn’t play Lawn Bowls, for fun and recreation we played Paddy Melon bowls, rolling round melons through the dust.

Time for some art and craft, once again using Paddy Melons. Here we are making animals. Was this creative fun, Montessori-style? Or was my mum just really cheap?

I believe here we had created a bible study story using bush litter. Anyone know the tale about the Apostles and the Paddy Melons?

Since I didn’t drink coffee at Hamilton Downs (I was only a child afterall) I was racking my brains to think why this pea milk coffee was conjuring up those memories.

Aha. I got it.

My coffee tastes like dirt.

Screw you pea milk. You suck.


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