Peppa Pig Pajamas

When Briar was born, I was so adamant she would never be exposed to technology before she was old enough. I was going to send her to a Steiner school, raise her in the outdoors and shows like Peppa Pig and the Teletubbies were never going to be shown.

Then, when she was one, Mema came to stay and showed her the Teletubbies and it was all downhill from there. Sure, I am still very interested in Steiner education or homeschooling, and no day goes by without hours spent outdoors (let’s face it, no day is complete without some sliding time), however Briar has discovered technology and it’s rather hard to scrub that out of her little mind now.

In all seriousness, we could have banned the Tv and tablet, however we saw the enjoyment she got singing and dancing along to the music and enjoying the bright colours. Instead of a blanket-ban, we instead chose to allow a short amount of screen time in the mornings.

In true Briar Baby-lady style, she didn’t just sit in front of a screen, she made her preferences clear. It didnt take long to discover that Disney princesses are out, the Wiggles are in, the old Wiggles were superior to the newbies and the Teletubbies got boring fast. She also developped a major crush on Blippi, possibly because he visits so many play rooms with epic slides. We thank Blippi on the days that Briar doesn’t want to brush her teeth, Blippi’s tooth brushing song always gets that brush on Briars teeth. “Circles, circles, circles, thats how we brush our teeth…”

Unfortunately, Briar also discovered the bratty, nasty, whinging piece of work that is Peppa Pig. Unfortunately we parents were behind the eight ball and didn’t realise what a bad influence she was. Thankfully, Peppa’s attitude hasn’t rubbed off on our sweetheart, and we limit Peppa exposure as much as we can.

Still, Peppa Pig has Briars heart and she regularly calls Warwick “Daddy Pig”. Bedtime often involves a Peppa book and she enjoys cuddly her soft Peppa toy. However I did send her Peppa Pig figurines to the op shop as the plastic fantastics seemed to be overflowing. I mistakenly missed George’s head (don’t ask) and Briar still plays with that plastic head on a daily basis. What a mean mum I am.

So at the end of last winter, when I saw flannelette Peppa pj’s for $2, I put aside my hatred of Peppa, knowing how delighted Briar would be. This week it’s finally chilly enough to wear them. As I was drying Briar off from her bath, I was excitedly telling her about her new Peppa Pig pajamas.

She just kept telling “No mummy. Not Peppa.” It was such an odd reaction as she just adores Peppa, who I passionately loathe. Why wouldn’t my daughter love her new Peppa pajamas?

Finally when I was finished drying her and brushing her hair, she walked over to the pajamas and said “See mummy, George Pig!”

I got told.

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