Rock Swap!

If my randon fanaticisms are Hanson and Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Briar’s is definitely slides, Warwick’s unexpected obsessions are gold and rocks. He has a subscription to an American geology magazine, an ever-growing collection of obscure rocks and shiny crystals and our family are members of the Canberra Lapidary club.Although we are yet to attend an excursion (somewhat hard with a toddler and Warwicks shift work), Warwick and Briar never miss the local Rock Swap and gem shows.

I’m very pleased to say Briar loves rocks just as much as her dad does. She genuinely enjoys looking at the colours, touching the textures and collecting her favourites, although she has quite a habit of throwing rocks so caution must be had. Not only does a rock to the head hurt, but many of these specimens are worth hundreds.

Due to Briars habitual running off accelerating in recent days, we were not taking risks today. This terrific two year old was given two choices; either she rode in the pram or she was joined at the wrist to one of her parents by her special “bracelet”. She chose the bracelet.

The wrist attachments allow Briar to run, jump over cracks in the concrete and explore her world in a tactile way without the stress of the possibility of her bolting.

I did have one lady walk past and make a snide comment that having her attached to my wrist was “like a dog” however the safety of my daughter means more to me than the opinion of a stranger.

We had a lovely afternoon wandering around the Rock Swap. Its always a great atmosphere with those hosting tables keen for a chat. Warwick loves to talk to all the other lapidary enthusiasts, most of whom are at least twice his age. He learns so much and the old experts seem to love encouraging a young man and his family to share their passion.

It was a cool, windy day and Gabriel spent the entire afternoon tucked into his daddies chest, fast asleep in the ring sling. It was very endearing to see father and son exploring Warwicks passion together for the first time.

As usual, there were a few stalls set up for youngsters. Seiving for Saphires is a bit beyond us, and I was hoping Briar wouldn’t notice the gold panning as it was far too chilly to be splashing around in a paddling pool of water. Briar was incredibly taken by the Windmills, and we picked one out and then proceeding to come back three more times to swap it for a near identical one. Thankfully the stall holder was very patient with us.

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