Church should be messy.

Tonight we attended Messy Church at Queanbeyan Uniting. Messy Church is great; it’s relaxed, it’s chaotic, it’s tactile and sensory, it’s welcoming and it’s inclusive. If you’ve never attended a Messy Church, here’s a link to what it is:

Although Messy Church is for all ages, it’s a big hit with the kids due to the engaging and hands-on nature of it. For Briar, she was super excited from the moment we arrived, yelling “Let’s see friends. Let’s see friends!”

Briar’s concept of church is a place she goes to play and socialise, and really, church should be first and foremost a place of community and acceptance so we wholeheartedly encourage her perception of church.

Unfortunately Briar’s “best friend”, 14 year old Sophie from youth group, was not in attendance this time but she rekindled her friendship with Summer from the play group we used to attend. They had a great time playing piano together.

At QUC this week, Messy Church was easter themed and included an egg hunt (running around outside is always a hit with Briar), followed by songs and a story, craft and chocolate making, and finally a shared meal.

Briar was in her element. She got to run, jump, yell, play, dance, draw, socialise and eat! All her favourite activities in one night. She was quite endearing during the story, turning to the boy beside her and repeating key words from the story. She was very thorough in ensuring he was taking in the important narrative and he in return was very gracious in humoring a spirited two year old!

Gabriel also practiced his most favoured activity; he slept. He was lucky to have sweet older lady offer to cuddle him so Warwick and I could be part of the service, so he spent well over an hour being cuddled and adored by a new fan.

The unfortunate reality is that our family really don’t make it to QUC as regularly as we would like, but we always appreciate the welcoming and inclusive culture of the community.

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