I would do anything for love… But will I do that?

Anyone who knows me knows I have an all consuming, rather toxic addiction. Iced coffee is my vice and for at least the last decade, I’ve consumed a great deal of this cold, brown liquid goodness.

I think it also goes without saying that I am a mum who is besotted with her babies and would move mountains for them. And so now I face a mountain to move, one I really would rather leave where it was.

I need to cut out dairy. I need to kick the iced coffee addiction for the sake of my beloved baby boy.

Gabriel is an angel. He’s a sleepy, cuddly, non-complaining little squish of goodness. But he is uncomfortable. He has the most incredible wind output, burping like an old man and farting louder than our old Labrador did. But he’s still at the age where that’s excusable and verges on endearing. However he writhes and wiggles around with pain to an extent that is not normal. He finds it incredibly hard to settle and relax. And yet he rarely complains.

Initially we put it down to the normal newborn baby adjusting to the world. Next we blamed the high doses of antibiotics I was on for post partum infection. But now, weeks later, the problem is getting worse not better.

We’ve tried block feeding, thinking perhaps it was a foremilk-hindmilk imbalance but saw no improvement. We’ve done the probiotics, gripe water, daily massages, bicycling his legs,warm baths, swaddling… But still my baby Gabe’s little body tenses up in pain and he requires constantly patting, rocking, burping and endless walking around the house.

I’m sleeping less than ever, and with less sleep comes more iced coffee and the cycle continues.

So last night I was reading about dairy intolerances. And the symptom lists made my heart sink.

  • -Skin rashes. Check.
  • Congestion. Check.
  • Diarrhoea. Check.
  • Green poop. Check.
  • Excess gas. Check.
  • Fussiness. Check.

Oh no, not my iced coffee!!Gabe has been so congested since birth that I was all set to discuss with the doctor next week. I have to suction his little nose daily. It’s just awful.

And so, here we go, trialling a dairy free diet to see if we see relief in his discomfort.

God help us all.

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