Cesar Milan-ing my toddler

I’ve always been so opposed to Cesar Milan’s awful, outdated dog training techniques, particularly the horrendous alpha roll to show a dog who is “boss”. However I can’t tell you how tempting it was to tackle my toddler in the supermarket aisle today after chasing her down three aisles of the IGA.

And for those who have never been the proud owner of a two year old and think I must be the most incapable and negligent mother as my toddler seems to run away almost every time we venture out, the little ninja seriously has the most incredible timing. She tricks me into letting down my guard by behaving angelically, waits until I am momentarily distracted by Baby Gabe and ZOOOOOOM she’s off.

I have “tools” in place to prevent ger escaping, and I am very intentional to include plenty of free running time into every outting and day. Today this included choosing a booth for our Mummy Milkshake date, parking the pram at one end of the booth and sitting at the other escape point with Briar in between. However, after a lovely calm time of colouring and enjoying our drinks, I was giving Gabriel a quick feed and was quite relaxed.

We packed up the pencils and returned them to the front counter, and as we were returning to the table, off she bolted. It’s always hard to decide whether I chase her, which will inevitably trigger her to run faster with glee, or whether I call her bluff and stand my ground and hope she comes back. There is no winning formula, it absolutely depends on the day.

This photo was literally taken moments before she shot out of the cafe and made a dash for the IGA.

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