A stormy night of new discoveries.

Wow, what a night. Briar really didn’t want to have a shower or bath as she was too busy playing doctor. In this situation I generally just shower with her as she just can’t resist getting in a shower with mummy. Gabe lay in his rocker in the bathroom.

Briar is terrified of thunder, and unfortunately, just as we were getting out of the shower, the rain storm amped up. Within moments there was several massive claps of thunder, incredibly close and loud. Both Briar and Gabe started screaming and Briar was absolutely beside herself with terror.

So, tonight I sat on the edge of the bath completely naked for almost 45 minutes with Briar on my right knee, wrapped in a towel and screaming, and little Gabe on my left knee cuddled in close, confused and distressed. It was only once the storm died down considerably that I was able to extract myself from Briars grip enough to get us both into pajamas and into the bed.

We’ve now been cuddled up for well over an hour. Gabe is sleeping on my chest and Briar and her teddy are tucked in snuggly under my left arm. The faint rumbling of thunder is keeping Briar from sleep but she’s content. At one point I convinced her to let me go to the kitchen to let me get her a drink. I gave her the job of looking after baby Gabe. She took this role deeply seriously, holding his hand whilst she sung him Twinkle Twinkle at the top of her lungs. Thank goodness he’s such a good sleeper.

For the last twenty minutes she’s been telling me and Gabe how much she loves us. However a minute ago she became incredibly excited and happy and said to me “Mummy mummy mummy, I got one. I got one.” I have never heard her so proud as she waved her finger at me. In the dimly lit room it took me some time to see what she was showing me.

It was a ball of snot. Tonight Briar learnt to pick her nose.

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