“Hello trucks, I’m here!”

“Hello trucks, I’m here!”

This morning was another episode of getting-the-kids-out-of-Warwicks-hair so he could have some downtime before work. We had half an hour until the bus arrived to take us into town to go play at the big park, so we walked down to watch the diggers.

We live right on the Queanbeyan river and they are building a new bridge across it.

It was the first time I’ve used the double pram. The downside of which is that Briars seat isn’t sleep-friendly and I generally try and do park visits directly before her afternoon nap so that she’ll fall asleep in her pram afterwards and I can sit and relax. So up until today I’ve been using a single pram and carrying Gabe in the ring sling but yesterday I got a really sore back so today’s trip into town required the double pram.

We had a great time at the park, ate pizza for lunch and Briar had her weekly ride on the yellow Bob the Builder truck in the food court. After lunch, Briar demonstrated her ninja skills. In the time it took me to strap Gabe into his pram after he’d had a feed, Briar bolted, taking with her a $20 note she’d found in my pram pocket. In a matter of moments she managed to lose the $20 note and run to the front of the Reject Shop and shoplift a huge Chocolate Easter Duck. This literally happened in less than 30 seconds. I then had to return the duck and spent about 10 minutes searching the small area for my $20 but it had absolutely vanished.

The running away and an earlier melt down were a sure sign Briar needed that nap, so Gabe was back in the ring sling and I shoved Briar in the baby seat of the double pram, and thankfully she fell asleep after only a short protest. It was a tight fit, but made a good little jail cell for my little villian. Even ninjas need naps.

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